Getting me through at the moment

Studying for the bar exam is stressful and exhausting, which of course means my immune system is on the fritz.
  1. Lady Dynamite
    Starring/co-executive produced by Maria Bamford. I mentioned this show in another list but I cannot sing its praises enough. Hilarious, honest, and heartbreaking in aiming to destigmatize mental health issues. It shouldn't work but it does. BRILLIANTLY. Unfortunately, I finished it last night.
  2. Joy of Painting with Bob Ross (on Netflix)
    This was the last thing I watched before going to sleep last night. Meditative and mesmerizing! I'm so sad he died so young. I admire his skill, demeanor, faith, and his raising baby squirrels!!! He even shows footage of them😍
  3. Emergen-C
  4. Trader Joe's iced coffee concentrate
    A real money and time saver.
  5. Not being on Facebook
    Deactivated it a week or so ago and I may never go back.
  6. [the unwavering love and support of my friends and family but duh]