1. Daria
    Not, in fact, a person. But there were a lot of parallels back in high school. I'm big on the deadpan.
  2. Sandra Bullock
    Since I was about 15, and I'm in my 30's, I've been told on numerous occasions that I resemble her. I don't really see it, though.
  3. Jon Lovitz
    I always assumed (hoped) this was in reference to my sense of humor.
  4. The Nanny
    Because I sound like what I am, a New York Jew. Whatever! I love that show!
  5. Ari Graynor
    Most recently. And only according to my husband's best friend.
  6. David Rosen, author of I Just Want My Pants Back
    One of my best friends said it "sounded" like I had written the book.