1. I joined this app when it went public but I barely post.
  2. This seems to be my pattern with social media. I always start off thinking I'm going to be super active and have some sort of outlet. And then I ultimately fall off and end up becoming much more of an observer. I've done the same with tumblr and Twitter.
  3. I truly and deeply enjoy reading lists, commenting on them, and interacting/engaging that way.
  4. When I do post, my lists tend to be superficial.
  5. But I'm really passionate about many things, represented by various emoji in my bio.
  6. It may not be readily apparent but I'm always down to discuss social (in)justice (I'm almost a lawyer and plan on a career in civil/human rights), cultural appropriation, intersectional feminism, identity politics, and so many other issues! In fact, I regularly have conversations around these topics with my colleagues and with my husband.
    I'm a bit of a pop culture nerd, as well. I'd love to be a comedy writer in my next life. Other interests include space, BOOKS, and drugstore beauty products.
  7. I don't know why I don't write those sorts of lists. But I do love reading and learning from them.
  8. I also wish my sense of humor translated well into this format but *shrug*.
  9. If anyone has faced a similar, albeit silly, struggle, I'd love to talk about it. Or feel free to send me a list request🙃
  10. Thanks for listening (reading).