Small, simple ways to reduce your environmental impact

How is everyone not terrified?
  1. Cloth napkins
  2. Real plates and glasses
  3. Tubeless toilet paper
    To my knowledge, only Scott makes this. You can get it at Fairway or on Amazon.
  4. Menstrual cups and Thinx
    In lieu of tampons and pads. I personally recommend the Ruby Cup.
  5. Reusable cotton rounds
    From S.W. Basics
  6. Tupperware instead of Ziplocs
  7. Reusable water bottles/coffee cups/shopping bags
    Contigo makes a great travel coffee cup. Someone once struck up a conversation with me about it on the train.
  8. Rags instead of paper towels
    Suggested by   @sarahsolene
  9. Metal straws
    Suggested by   @LauraM
  10. If you use a Keurig, they make reusable pods.