Photos I Took Today Because I'm So Freaking Grateful We Live in San Diego

2 years of living in SD vibes 3.15.14
  1. A view of the Coronado bridge from the top of a library downtown
  2. Stopped at one of my favorite coffee shops (Industrial Grind) that is walking distance from our home for an iced lavender almond milk latte
  3. Yeah that's all one tree
  4. Ahhhh Balboa Park
  5. Fun Fact: used to be a nudist colony...I wonder if @HisDudeness and I would get in trouble if we decided to keep it authentic...
  6. Locals
  7. Free music
  8. California tower
  9. Cactus garden
  10. Aaaaand 1 more because of course I took my favorite bridge home tonight...