Things I Love About My Husband

This is happening....just embrace it. I have suffered horrible loss in my life many times and today was one of those times. I often reflect on my blessings in these times, so here is the list about my horribly stubborn husband @HisDudeness who I have often been afraid to lose because I have never loved someone so much....
  1. He has cheese and salami sliced and ready when he knows I've had a hard day
  2. He doesn't complain to me about our dirty house or the superfoods shake I spilled that morning because he knows I'm about to break (even though it drives him fucking crazy)
  3. He doesn't get mad when I use the rest of his grapefruit juice to make my own drink (probably because he's happy I'm not bitching at him for drinking too much)
  4. He speaks for me when I have no words (sometimes this pisses me off but most of the time it is endearing)
  5. He'll spend the last of his check just to take me on a date or do something special because our quality time together is rare...(it's really not about the $ for me just the time together but he makes it special and plays it off like it's no big deal even though I know it really is)
  6. He acts like he's got the whole ball and chain thing going on but in reality he's my biggest supporter and always brags about me and says the kindest things about me.
  7. He's way more yogic and philosophical than me and I learn new things from him every day...he keeps me grounded.
  8. In case you haven't figured it out @HisDudeness is pretty independent. In discussing loss today I was getting so angry with myself about attachments and was talking about how as humans we are so attached and that can be both a beautiful and a detrimental thing. Mr. soloness (a term coined in couples therapy) chimes in and says he thinks the only
  9. ...thing/person he is attached to is me! He seriously surprised me every day. (Yes, I was debating whether or not to use that for "Shit my husband says" or this was just too sweet and surprising it had to go here.)
  10. He loves me unconditionally with all of my baggage and flaws...I often wonder why he picked me.
  11. 💗