Inspired by @talor My wedding was also 2 years ago but we were just recently featured on https://www.theknot.com/real-weddings/an-alfresco-summer-wedding-at-arnoldis-cafe-in-santa-barbara-california-album so I thought I would share the famous Dude's wedding! It's so funny the way magazines spin things so here is my account...
  1. A few details...my something borrowed...jewels from one of my best friends weddings a gift from her grandmother.
  2. We did everything in our wedding "in house" aka each service was provided by a friend or family! The gal who did my hair and makeup has been a childhood friend since age 8!
  3. @HisDudeness did pretty good on the groom's gift! A canvas photo of our proposal which also happened to be in Santa Barbara.
  4. Another "In house item" a beautiful sign made by my best friend.
  5. The most gorgeous bridesmaids you've ever seen! Also special because my wedding location was decided on the very steps we stand on, with most of the ladies pictured, many years before the proposal on one of numerous birthday trips to Santa Barbara and the Historic Court house!
  6. Yes the Dude has parents
  7. Our dearest Martin whom you know about if you follow @HisDudeness A young man taken from is way too soon...our Best Man
  8. He may not have been the sperm that created me but he's the best man I've ever known and I call him dad...he also officiated the ceremony.
  9. The look
  10. And my mother...I haven't spoken about her in this forum but she is chronically ill with health rapidly declining in recent years...I honestly never really believed I would be lucky enough to have her with us on my special day but she was....I didn't even mind that she said "no returns"
  11. The classic..."Oh shit, where's the ring?!"
  12. Every girl deserves a photo like this
  13. The old Spanish style architecture was to die for!!!!
  14. 😍
  15. Snuck away to the proposal site to snap a pic
  16. "We do" Etsy details
  17. I may or may not have thrown cake in his face....
  18. Yeah we know how to throw a party
  19. My "something blue" being tossed on the Anaheim Angels garter....and yes that's a bocce court at our reception...I'm Italian what'd you expect??
  20. Swoon
  21. Happily Ever After....the Dudes