1. It is either my first or second tattoo, so sad it's been so long I can't remember if it was this one or the peace ☮ sign on my left wrist.
    (Which btw I asked to have small on my finger and the tattoo artist Kat...no not Kat von D...said she wouldn't do because I couldn't cover it up for a job...I'm like a ring is easier to wear than a watch or band aid or bracelet but whatever)
  2. It is the word Amore (Love in Italian 🇮🇹 for those that don't know)
  3. I am half Italian my maiden name is Savino.
  4. I have no relationship with my biological father but am still tied to that portion of my heritage.
  5. I knew someday I would lose my maiden name...I had not met @HisDudeness yet but I knew I wanted to be someone's wife.
  6. Low and behold I am now a Roberts....yep Sarah Roberts sounds pretty white washed if you ask me hahah
    If you know my full name then you would think I was Catholic Italian for sure and confirmed (which I am not) but at first glance I'm just Sarah Roberts
  7. So there you have it...Peace ☮ and Love (Amore) 💗 my first 2 tattoos
    I have 2 others