1. He's freaking hilarious
  2. He's really sensitive and sweet but communicates that awkwardly
  3. He's a giant man child
  4. He's a hottie
  5. He was writing a book about zombies or aliens or something like that...can't remember
  6. Has (Nick Miller) Had (Josh) commitment issues until the right one comes along and then he takes his sweet ass time but finally commits...total friends first...it's only a matter of time before Nick and Jess are together for real!!
    (Not really sure if that made any sense but it's past 1am)
  7. Has good taste in music and T shirts
  8. Is loyal
  9. Is uber creative and invents shit that already exists or should exist but the idea is as far as it goes
  10. Looks fantastic in plaid!
  11. Looks great in a pair of yellow sunglasses when trying to channel HST either on a Vegas trip or for Halloween
  12. Logic that seems strange but actually makes sense
  13. Infinite wisdom seemingly out of nowhere
  14. Great pep talks
  15. Static