1. Meanwhile in the green zone, Samantha was having a couple explosions of her own.
  2. "OOOH look at this Taliban headgear! I'll TaliBUY!"
  3. Later that day I got to thinking about Muslims and relationships. If I couldn't tell Big I was upset about our dinner, was I really any more liberated than a veiled woman? How do we American women take off our emotional burkas?
  4. "Oh Shiite! I messed up my nail."
  5. Samantha: "OOOH he's kinda cute, isn't he?" Charlotte: "He's holding an AK 47! Run!" Samantha: "I like a man who's hard to get."
  6. [in front of Baghdad's burning Manola Blahnik store] Carrie: "I just want to pop in for a second!" Miranda: "Carrie! The store is on FIRE!" Carrie: "I know! That's what I call a fire sale."
  7. As the children threw stones at them, Charlotte felt embarrassed for all the nights she had prayed for a rock.