Do extraterrestrials exist? Is there life out there? Are we alone? These are questions everyone asks at some point. I would like to present an argument to these questions.
  1. If we adhere to the theory of evolution as our universal principle that we fall back on, there is no huge reason why life could not spring up on another planet like our own in the "goldilocks" zone.
    Planetary Probability
  2. In the context of nature, hyper intelligent life forms are very rare. Some argue it would be impossible for another race to evolve to our level of self internalization and consciousness. But I have a question, is intelligence the Prerequisite of higher accomplishments of society and technology? Perhaps. Perhaps not.
    Is intellect the prerequisite of advancement?
  3. I site the example of leafcutter ants. These ants actually cut and cultivate leafs, bring them into their nests, place them in a predesignated area where they grow a specific form of fungus (Basidiomycota) and feed off of it. This is a form of symbiosis but is also a form of FARMING. That's right. Ants cultivating and growing food. Interesting.
    Leafcutter ants
  4. Isn't that funny? "Lesser creatures" doing something millions of years before us "brilliant" Homo sapiens even thought of it. Now of course by themselves they aren't exactly smart. In fact, besides their impressive size to strength ratio, ants by themselves are not unusual. But when they are communal, they transcend into a synergetic intelligence.
    Synergetic intelligence
  5. By definition synergy is combining components that then creates something more than the sum of its parts. So in some cases, lesser intelligence can do greater things. Now one can argue that this is just the ant's "God given purpose in life" as birds fly or monkeys climb. But not all ants do this behavior. It is learned by "communal intelligence".
    Aggregate transcendence
  6. Communal intelligence is what I believe extraterrestrials could have. This could enable them to transcend obstacles and create crafts and societies without ever having to have an IQ above a dog's. This way, the rarefied intelligence argument does not apply to the question of alien life.
    Communal intelligence
  7. This is simply a theory and I'm open minded to finding flaws in it and or expanding or confining its dimensions according to proven fact. If new, possibly alarming ideas are never explored and put foreword, we can never advance. So I prepose this possibility. Critique is welcome.
    Bendable theory