Some movie sequels were never meant to be. Some were but were never made to be. Here's some I wish could have been. Or maybe not. Most are sarcastic but hey, all good ideas come from somewhere right?
  1. Titanic 2: Jacks back. First scene: 50 years in the future, a beautiful white yacht glides somewhere out at sea. Multimillionaire playboy frank Hockley sits perched In a jacuzzi amidst voluptuous ladies. As he takes a long and indulgent sip of his martini, he says under his breath "it's so funny" "today it's the 50th anniversary of the accident"
    "Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself huh ladies?" He says with a half chuckle. Suddenly, as if by Que, the lights go out and the ship starts shaking. "Oh no" frank says under his breath. Epic music starts playing. Big font letters rise out of the ocean made of ice that spell out "Jacks back" DUN DUN DUN. Pretty stupid right? Ehhh? Maybe not.
  2. Inception 2: lost in limbo. First scene: Cob violently wakes in Bed, sweat pouring off his brow. He looks around. "Wow" he said "that was a crazy dream" Roll credits. Camera pans away from what is now revealed to be a movie theatre screen, you see Cobb sitting in a seat all alone in the theatre. He's eating popcorn and laughing.
    The reel keeps playing on repeat but he doesn't seem to notice. He acts as if each repeat is the first. We pan out again and it reveals Cobb on a hospital bed, mallorie holds his hand as he's shaking. "He's been this way for weeks" she says to the doctor desperately. "do something!" "We are trying everything but don't know what's wrong with him." Said the doctor. "I do" a mysterious voice says from somewhere behind out of frame. We pan to show Arthur standing in the doorway. Epic music plays.
  3. Mission impossible 6: code W. First scene: Benji Dunn lays out huge blue print on a big table in the middle of HQ and dusts it off. "Here's our mission" he says. Ethan hunt looks at it. It reads "pleasing a woman" In large white font across the top. "wait. That's actually impossible" Ethan says while looking at Benji. Roll credits.
  4. Pitch perfect 3: flat 9. First scene: After their big win, the pitches get in their newly bought pink tour bus that reads "pitches for life" on the side. They head off into the night with confetti and partying all around. As they drive And drive they travel further into no mans land.
    The road stretches endlessly into the deep and dread of the desert. "Girls I'm going to sleep" beca says as she goes into the back of the bus for bed. Other girls decide to follow, so that only fat Amy and the bus driver are left. "So do you think there's a Starbucks out here?" Amy says as she stands behind the bus drivers seat. "Honey, it don't look like there's much of anything out here" Suddenly the bus lurches forward and careens off the road into the dark of the night. EPIC MUSIC PLAYS.