Sometimes I write a song and realize I would/could never sing it in front of people. Here is a list of songs I may or may not have written and will never play for more than 3 half buzzed friends.
  1. That name dropping love song that's catchy but only works in the context of a specific girl or situation. Okay I wrote that. But you don't know that for sure.
  2. That 6 minute song with 3 different movements and 17 verses.
  3. The "piano break up song".
  4. The "road trip song".
  5. The "I'm young and free" song.
  6. The song that uses violent and morbid imagery as a metaphor for the dying of a relationship (bodies and blood and knives and sociopathic undertones). In other words horror core.
  7. A song about bacon?
  8. Anything about the summer of 69.