We all have things about ourselves we want or wish we could change. This is not a list of insecurities. Let's call it "personality warnings" list.
  1. I cannot take no for no or yes for yes. This all to often leads me to pressuring people or questioning them.
  2. I am a well of useless information. Did you know a second is measured by 9,192,631,770 oscillations of radiation from the electron moving between two caesium-133 atoms? Most people don't care, So when I break out facts like that people think I'm trying to show off. I'm not, I just really appreciate Information and love sharing it.
  3. Generally speaking I do not have a good "social filter" and this trends to bifurcate my social circle into two groups: people that love me and people who think I'm a douche bag. I argue that I am not a douche bag I just simply have a "social deficiency" or "self awareness blindness". Either way, It does cause laughs and Offense equally.
  4. When I get deeply inspired (artistically or otherwise) I go into a place I have started to call the "time vortex". In this place, a week for you can go by in a day for me. Because of this, I often ditch plans with friends and such. This is a terrible attribute to have and I have seen many relationships become the collateral of this "time vortex".
  5. I love making people happy and laugh. This often manifests itself in saying far too many things and trying to fill up the empty spaces of the room with jokes and clever phrases. This is partly because I like talking, but also because I want to make people as happy as I can, and I feel as though I can do that with words.
  6. I am an extreme case of obsessive personality. If I decide to do something, I am all in. But this also works in the opposite way meaning if I'm against something I will disagree until I've heard sufficient evidence to change my opinion. This often leads to slightly heated debates.
  7. When people start to get to know me, they think I'm a very "dark" person because I examine darker places of the human autonomy unashamedly. This is not because I enjoy the evil in the world or darkness, it is because I feel I will never understand good if I don't have an understanding of bad. So friends, I am not a psycho. just thorough.
  8. I want to relate to you. I want to understand you. So sometimes I will make HUGE presumptions in a well intentioned attempt to grasp where you are coming from. People don't like to be pinned down as anything so this can sometimes freak people out. I'm just trying to understand you. I promise I'm not scheming to rob your house.