The Food List

My whole Family is very talented in baking and cooking. I was like the black sheep in my family for not cooking anything. It changed when I moved out and omg I love it now! So here comes the food list!
  1. Minestrone
  2. Chicken soup with rice and curry
  3. Asparagus with potatoes and tomatoes
    I ate it with creme fraiche (not in the picture obviously)
  4. Salmon-Asparagus-Tarte
  5. Chocolate tarte (Swedish kladdkaka)
  6. Swedish Prinsesstårta
  7. Swedish lussekater
  8. Swedish semla
  9. Rhubarb biscuits with pudding
  10. Rhubarb pie
  11. Apple pie
  12. Berry cheesecake
  13. Chocolate Christmas cookies
  14. Fox cookies
  15. Cheese feet cookies