Since yesterday morning Pokemon go is now available in Germany... I am already in level 5 and catched over 35 Pokemon. Shot me. I have no live!
  1. Walking on the street with a friend and screaming when spotting a Pokemon
    People were walking by and asked what the sense is to play this. We didn't knew. It was embarrassing
  2. Almost get run over by a car when a Pokemon appeared while crossing the street
  3. Visiting a festival and only staring on the screen while there was a wonderful sunset
  4. Seeing other people also playing Pokemon go
    I don't want them to know that I am also playing it. Again embarrassing!
  5. Finding out that right outside my flat is a Pokestopp and I just can sit on my couch and catch Pokemons
  6. deciding because I have to walk 5 km to hatch an egg, I am walking to work today