I am German, so I am allowed to do this list. Duh
  1. Rhythmic applauding to music
    Finding it often in TV shows with a live audience. Doesn't matter if young or old. If there are German they will do that in tact.
  2. Complaining
    About everything. Best example: the weather. Never right. Either it's too hot or too cold.
  3. Can't understand why foreigners love Germany
  4. Disliking Bavaria (Bayern)
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    Germany has 16 states and Bayern is one of it. Bavarians are considered to be conservative, very traditional and promote strange stereotypes of Germans in lederhosen and dirndl.
  5. Having an ambivalent relationship to the military
  6. Loving their privacy
    Germans love data protection. They live in constant fear that someone would steal their data or private information. Yet they Instagram and Facebook so many private information about them self and complain if these informations are not encoded enough.
  7. Are not very self confident
  8. Comparing everything
    never be satisfied with things. Always a bit jealous of other country's and suspicious if other country's love a German invention, rule or system.
  9. Dubbing
    Foreign movies and shows are normally dubbed. I think it's more and more a traditional thing to do and the younger generation will watch it more and more un-dubbed. Not all dubbing is horrible. When I was a kid I watched a lot of Monty Python and always in German. Recently I re-watched the "life of Brian" again in german. Thumbs up: German Monty Python is the best.