1. Spaßvogel (Funny Bird)
    engl. a funny person; a comedian
  2. Handschuhe (hand shoes)
    engl. gloves
  3. Feierabend (party evening)
    engl. after work
  4. faule Socke (lazy sock)
    engl. just a lazy person
  5. Stimmungskanone (mood canon)
    engl. a person who is always positive and in a good mood
  6. Überflüssig (over liquid)
    engl. needless
  7. Antibabypille (anti baby pill)
    engl. birth control pill
  8. Eselsbrücke (donkey bridge)
    engl. memory aid
  9. Angsthase (fear bunny)
    engl. someone who is easily afraid
  10. Tote Hose (dead trousers)
    engl. an area (e.g. village on the countryside) with no entertainment at all