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  1. Chicken Tammy and "Mike"
    They come in on Sundays and Tammy always gets a shredded chicken. I don't know her husband's name but he looks like a Mike so that's what I call him
  2. The Hispanic Man
    Super nice and super funny
  3. The British Man
    I hope that one day his American Dream will come true
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  1. It's super fun
  2. You can transport a washer on top of a mini van
    I saw this dude in WV with a brand new washer (still in the box) on top of his van taking his sweet old time down the interstate
  3. Hitch hiking is still a thing
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  1. How ugly our accent is
    It's like a mix between a Canadian, Midwest, and New England accent
  2. How slow everyone drives
  3. How terrible the BBQ is
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  1. Normal voice: "Brrrr I'm cold!" Southern voice: "Hi Cold, I'm Kasey!!"
  2. Tells me I'm not really sick and it's all in my head
    9 times out of 10 she's right
  3. "When I was little I used to pretend that my french fries were people and the ketchup would be a hot tub"
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  1. "Colleen told me I won't be invited to her wedding and I told her 'Good, that means I'll save money cause I won't have to buy a suit or a gift'"
  2. "I'm so angry I'm gonna cut your shoes!!
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  1. The lady who has no idea where to go and is talking way to loud on the plane
  2. The obnoxious best friend duo
  3. The tech savvy grandma
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  1. What did manna taste like
  2. What was Noah's wife's name
  3. Do I really have to have a college degree to be successful in life
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  1. Waking Up
  2. Last Look In The Mirror Before I Go To Class
  3. When I See That One Person Who Messed Up That One Group Project
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  1. Driving your tractor to school
  2. Wearing camo year round
  3. Skipping school on the first day of deer hunting season
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