1. Chicken Tammy and "Mike"
    They come in on Sundays and Tammy always gets a shredded chicken. I don't know her husband's name but he looks like a Mike so that's what I call him
  2. The Hispanic Man
    Super nice and super funny
  3. The British Man
    I hope that one day his American Dream will come true
  4. The Chip Man
    He works for Lays and is just a super cool dude with super cute kids
  5. Jean
    Also known as the "Two-A-Day Lady" because she used to come twice a day. She hates everyone but me
  6. The Couple from the Mob
    Super cool! Gold chains, accents, old cars, expensive perfume and cologne. Mr. Mob cussed another customer out because said customer was cussing me out. Mr. Mob told him to get the f—— out and "never use fowl language in the presence of a lady"
  7. The "Hey baby, how ya doin'" Guy
    He calls everyone baby or darlin' and not in a creepy way. He genuinely wants to know how you are. He also brings a new person every time he comes
  8. Squeaky Man
    A full grown man with the voice of a 5yo boy
  9. The Scary Couple That's Not Really Scary
    Don't judge a book by its cover
  10. The Amish Guys
    I love watching them people watch
  11. Bonus: The Garden Tractor Man
    He never comes in but he rides a garden tractor around town instead of driving a car. I'm going to assume he got his license revoked