1. The lady who has no idea where to go and is talking way to loud on the plane
  2. The obnoxious best friend duo
  3. The tech savvy grandma
  4. The grandma that flies "all the time and everywhere" and then proceeds to tell you all the places she's been
  5. The hipster who's probably going to some exotic place to find the best coffee bean possible for his all organic, vegan, gluten free coffee shop featuring Sriracha flavored whole grain muffins
  6. The lady that has enough snacks to feed a small country
  7. The family going to Disney
    Crazy kids, super stressed parents, grandparents who look like they're thinking "It's not too late to turn around"
  8. The old couple that's so old they probably shouldn't be traveling
  9. The couple who lets their 3-year-old lie in the middle of walkway
  10. The emotional reunion couples
    I will never get tired of watching them
  11. The moms that are going on their own spring break trip and sharing tips on how to work SnapChat
  12. The missions trip group
  13. The man who should have checked a bag but didn't
  14. The super organized dad that has a full itinerary for the trip and has a backup plan for his backup plan's backup plan
  15. The casual cowboy duo
    Complete with cowboy hats, big belt buckles, expensive jeans, spots coats, and boots
  16. The man wearing Hawaiian shorts and a Hawaiian shirt with a sports coat