1. What did manna taste like
  2. What was Noah's wife's name
  3. Do I really have to have a college degree to be successful in life
  4. Why is the Pythagorean Theorem taught as absolute truth
    There is an exception to everything else so there has to be one in this case too....right
  5. Why is the sate drink of Ohio tomato juice
  6. What is the state drink of South Carolina
  7. Why do states have designed drinks
  8. Did Jesus have a pet
  9. Does my dog have a name for me
  10. Does my dog think in English or in his own language
  11. Who thought arranged marriages were a good idea
    Were they like "Let's just stick two strangers together in a house and watch what happens"
  12. Where do hamsters come from outside of pet stores
  13. Have I ever bought milk from the same cow twice