1. It's super fun
  2. You can transport a washer on top of a mini van
    I saw this dude in WV with a brand new washer (still in the box) on top of his van taking his sweet old time down the interstate
  3. Hitch hiking is still a thing
  4. The snacks that you get before the trip aren't as good as you thought they were going to be
    Or you want a snack that you don't have
  5. You can't listen to the radio without static while driving through VA
  6. Yadkin County, NC reeks of cow
  7. If you accidentally honk your horn people will stop tailgating you
  8. Charlotte has some killer radio stations
  9. Ohioans drive like pansies within the state but as soon as they hit I-77 South in WV they become the most vicious drivers I have ever seen
  10. It is possible to get sun burnt while driving