1. Normal voice: "Brrrr I'm cold!" Southern voice: "Hi Cold, I'm Kasey!!"
  2. Tells me I'm not really sick and it's all in my head
    9 times out of 10 she's right
  3. "When I was little I used to pretend that my french fries were people and the ketchup would be a hot tub"
  4. Scares me all the time
  5. "Don't let me forget to..."
  6. "Don't let me go to bed with out doing..."
  7. Starts screaming for no reason and encourages me to join in
  8. "I've eaten a butterfly before!!"
  9. Makes an igloo under her blankets
  10. *combs hair with fork* "LOOK!!!! A thingamabob!!!" *starts singing Part of Your World*
  11. Randomly breaks out in song
  12. "I don't even like squash!! So why am I crying about squash hybrids?!?!"