Who doesn't like a good sneak peak into someone else's life? I know I do, so enjoy my life's little sneak peak πŸ“·
  1. β€’
    My forever and always right there! ❀️
    He's my best friend, partner in crime and now I get to add my hubby too. Joshua Owen. The biggest kid I know. He always knows how to make me smile even when I'm really angry at him. I guess that's why I love him... ☺️ oh and he's a sailor too, that also contributes to why I love him so. βš“οΈ
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    A squishy fluffy puppy dog 🐾
    This is my dog. His name is Ballikpapan (try saying that 20 times fast) or Balli for short. He's a dashoodle (dashound cross cavoodle). He's 2 going on 22. Is the most spoilt dog you'll meet and loves to dress up. He just takes it. He's good like that. And he's all mine. 🐢
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    A wedding kiss πŸ’‹
    I just got married nearly 2 months ago so I obviously have a bazillion photos on my phone of this day. This one is a special one filled with love, kisses, cuddles and our own personal vows. πŸ’
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    Just some random chick I love stalking 😳
    Don't know who she is, but I have a billion and one photos of her on my phone so I guess she's kind of a big deal to me. Might go by the name of Katy Perry, even Laty Perry lately. So you could say I'm a Katy cat? Could? I'm like the biggest KC around!
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    I need to cuddle those clouds, not want but need! ☁️
    I'm a bit of a self confessed awesome photographer when it comes to it. Not going to lie I think I'm pretty good but I'll leave that for you to decide. And yes sunrise and sunset photos are kind of like my thing. Plus those clouds though, I just really want to squish them!