A few select quotations from journals I kept between the ages of 6 and 12.
  1. "At Burger King there was this cool thing you climb thru and jump into balls when I tried to do a cananbal because Ryan did a mistake in the swan he wasn't graceful he was being a big ugly goose swan he made fun of me and said where did you come from? Are you from off a pirate's ship? Then it was time to go home and go to sleep."
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    September 20, 1992- almost 7 years old, first love (spelling and grammar as it appears in the journal)
  2. "Dear God, I wanted you to know that I'm helping the wonderful earth you made and how I'm very proud to be living on it. Some other kids in Somalia don't have a time to live. Love, Eli"
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    October 16, 1992 (unspecified how I am helping the wonderful earth)
  3. "I went to the Dentist. Wow? Hardly."
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    December 11, 1992
  4. "Well, I think I had better name my diary or it won't really be secrets I tell it. I will name my diary Kirsten the doll I really want."
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    May 24, 1994
  5. "The paint set is for my plays and we can do really cool things with it. It has fake skin, vampire blood, hair dyes that wash out, cream make up, make up brush, make up sponge, stipple sponge, vibrant bright colors, sponge brush applicator, and rich dramatic colors. It is so awesome! I love Santa. Bye!"
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    December 25, 1994
  6. "Zlata was in a war in Sarajevo, Anne Frank was in a war all over the world and I'm in a war to survive school."
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    January 18, 1995
  7. "Dear Jessi, Have you ever tried to guess someone's name just by looking at them? I've tried many times because I think it's really fun. That's how I picked your name. I looked at you really hard and said 'You look like a Jessi.'"
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    January 29, 1995 (to be clear "Jessi" with no E is the name I have the diary)
  8. "I have a sore throat and a headache. I feel porcupines in my throat. They roll around back there pricking me. I don't like the big porcupines but I do like the small ones."
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    March 6, 1995
  9. "I have decided to start spying like Harriet the Spy. I'm only going to spy to improve my writing. I want to learn people's most intimate secrets and how they go about life with them. Ellen Dobb's most intimate secret is being tall. It's not a great secret but it's all I can find out."
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    March 7, 1995
  10. "I feel like giving a description of my house now. It is a small yellow house with a white door and white shutters. The rooms are small but they are hearty."
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    - April 4, 1995 (included in this is "Weather: Sunny, rainy")
  11. "A girl in my class was asked out on a date. And a couple other girls were too. I would say NO unless it was someone really nice and handsome. I'm a tomboy so all the boys are my friends and I see them as friends not hunks but I'm about the only tomboy in school."
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    June 10, 1995 (methinks the lady doth protest too much)
  12. "You are the car on the road of life. Drive it straight and steady."
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    July 1995
  13. "A big blue box. What is interesting about a box? Many things. I'm sure you wonder just a little bit what might be of virtue inside of the box, whether this box has sacred things inside of it. I am not going to open this box, but let it be a lesson of curiosity."
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    July 1995, doing a writing exercise I assigned myself wherein I came close to creating the TV show LOST
  14. "He had learned his lesson: Don't hunt rabbits or they'll hunt you."
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    September 6, 1995 (a fable I wrote in my diary)
  15. "Where does the universe end? Where exactly is the black hole? Where does snow live?"
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    September 26, 1995
  16. "I have been pinching my ear to get ready. It hurts."
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    January 3, 1996 (preparing to get my ears pierced.
  17. "I slept on my ears tonight and it didn't hurt. I have to get anti-germ stuff and put alcohol on when I wake up and go to bed. I can barely feel it and I SWARE it doesn't hurt at all. The only reason you can feel it is because you have the sense of feel."
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    January 6, 1996
  18. "When I grow up I want 2 boys and 2 girls named Cloey, Alexandra, Mickey and Richard."
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    January 6, 1996 (this entry is all about my crush, Tripp Shriner. It includes the following quote: "if I could have any married name it would be Shriner.")
  19. "Now I have decided what I am going to be when I grow up. A primatologist. A primatologist is someone that studies primates. Primates are a group of animals that include humans and chimps. I think this would be a great job."
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    February 20, 1996
  20. "I still like chimpanzees but I want to be a writer when I grow up, because I would like to have a lot of time to spend with my children."
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    April 10, 1997
  21. "Here is how we sit at lunch." SEE ACCOMPANYING DRAWING
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    April 11, 1997 in an entry about being invite to my first coed birthday party
  22. "Unfortunately it's all about popularity. All the boys like popular girls and all the girls like the popular boys so very few people find true love."
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    April 1997 (see photo for more specifics about the inner romantic workings of 6th grade)
  23. "Well it's 7:30 in the morning and I'm writing songs in my bed. I have a band called Fad. I've written most of the songs so far which doesn't bother me a bit."
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    April 12, 1997 (believes herself to be the John Lennon of the group)
  24. "Here is my schedule for the day"
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    April 1997
  25. "We went around the room and when it got to Julian his question was 'would you ever go out with Eli?' And he said 'no.' I was crushed. I've never really had hurt feelings before but this last time really had me going."
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    April 13, 1997 (report from the party)
  26. "Today was a good and bad day. Today I found out that Julian thought I was really weird and ugly (I think). That was the bad. The good was that I finally got my split."
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    April 16, 1997