An ever evolving list. Nothing gets removed but shit gets added on the regular.
  1. Under-the-bathroom-stall-ankle-grabbers
  2. Murderers
  3. Rapists
  4. Present Day Pirates
  5. Psychos of Any Kind
  6. Leftovers
  7. Momentary Reverting-Back-To-Teenage-Bitchiness in a way that bums my mom out
  8. Sleeping with the window open
  9. Open water
  10. Night swimming
  11. Being perceived as a person who wouldn't be totally down for night swimming
  12. Global warming
  13. People I love dying
  14. Lock jaw
  15. Earthquakes
  16. Mean cats
  17. Guns
  18. People who like guns
  19. People who don't like dogs
  20. Haunted houses
  21. Ghosts
    Though I adamantly do not believe in ghosts.
  22. Ghosts who jump out at you
  23. Ghosts with unfinished business
  24. Movie trailers for Paranormal Activity franchise films
  25. Being asked to do math publicly
  26. Sleeping with my feet exposed