My husband writes beautiful songs. I write them down. Here is a sampling.
  1. "It is seven ten, my son, so Daddy will start drinking."
    To the tune of GOOD KING WENCESLAUS
  2. "I am a chicken/ I love song and dance! I wish that I owned a single pair of pants."
    Sung by husband with a chicken puppet to our delighted/scared son
  3. "He started out just like any other dog but then he turned into Peter J Shnoobs. Dog, Attorney at Law."
    Song for our dog, Gus.
  4. "If you want a tissue, I'll get you a tissue / If you want a diamond, I'll get you a tissue."
    I asked for a tissue, I got a song.
  5. "I'm the King of the household, I'm the most important one / I get all the goodies and I have all the fun."
    A song for our dog (before we had a kid, obviously)
  6. "Daddy cooked a dope as fuck dinner, daddy cooked a dope as fuck dinner."
    Self explanatory