I am very rarely sick so I don't really know what to do when in bed resting.
  1. Wake up and realize I can't stand without dizziness.
    This is even scarier on crutches
  2. Watch a ridiculous amount of TV.
  3. Decide to play Zelda on my N64 but can't find the cord.
  4. Search for cord.
  5. Order new cord.
  6. Order pizza.
  7. Wait for pizza.
  8. Eat half of pizza.
  9. Wish I had root beer.
  10. Think about instacarting root beer, but can't justify it.
  11. Watch Gilmore Girls.
  12. Tell myself I'm going to start reading the book that has been sitting in my room for literal months.
  13. Pick up book.
  14. Watch minions instead.
  15. Hate myself for watching minions.
    This movie sucked.
  16. Play the Uke for 10 minutes.
  17. Notice it's only 1 and that I have no idea what I'm going to do with the rest of my day.
  18. Admit I hate being sick.