Things That Happened During My First Year In San Francisco

  1. Uber. So much Uber.
  2. Watched all of Netflix, not exaggerating.
  3. Slept with far too many Frenchmen.
  4. Tried a key bump.
  5. Broke my foot.
  6. Fell in love.
  7. Realized relationships are very different outside of college.
  8. Gained 8 pounds.
  9. I had less than consensual sex.
  10. Was on crutches for the first time.
  11. Lived in 4 different places.
  12. Found Rock Climbing.
  13. Discovered temping isn't as cool as it looked on The Office.
  14. DOLPHINS!!!
  15. I got my first smartphone.
  16. Started paying my student loans.
  17. Went to multiple wine tastings.
  18. Started hiking.
  19. Was given a taser as a gift.
  20. Became both a Giants fan and a Warriors fan.