I've only been in Portland a little less than 2 months but these are definitely some of my favorite meals I've had
  1. Aebleskiver (Danish Pancakes) with lemon curd & lingonberry jam accompanied by a delicious cup of coffee with steamed milk & potato pancake at Broder nord
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  2. biscuits & gravy at cup & saucer cafe
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  3. the "everything nice" plate at tin shed with sweet potato French toast, cheese grits, a vegan sausage and potato pancake
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  4. Ok ... Sizzle pie is easily a cliché but they had a hungry tiger vegan corndog pizza that was probably the best I've had!
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  5. antipasto plate at sweet hereafter on Belmont accompanied by a Bloody Mary or my favorite , "the pioneer"
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  6. The "hot nest" at A N D cafe on burnside. Hash brown nests with kale and a vegan quesadilla
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