I knew there were a bunch, but I'm as surprised as you are that there are this many. (Clearly, I will be needing to get a new "thing" post haste.) It took me an hour to put this together, and it really is a very incomplete list.
  1. The Daves (from When the Messenger is Hot)
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  2. Year-at-a-Glance (Messenger)
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  3. Ad (from All This Heavenly Glory)
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  4. Perversion # 1: The Beautiful Crissy Experience (Glory)
  5. About the Dime (Glory)
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  6. A Malicious Use of the List Format (Glory)
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  7. Notre Monde (Glory)
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  8. Eleven (Glory)
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  9. Charlotte Ann Has 3.4 Regrets (Glory again)
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  10. Guidelines (wait for it...)
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  11. Notes for a Story About People With Weird Phobias (from You Must Be This Happy to Enter)
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  12. Clearview (Happy)
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  13. Donovan's Closet (Happy)
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  14. We Only Know So Much
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  15. WOKSM again
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  16. Star Babies (online) (might be my favorite)
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