You read that right. Every 6 months I go to P. Springs, & every 6 months I spend a few days trying to decide what my cardigan needs are (because A/C), followed by trying to decide which will go in the carry on & which, should my checked bag be forever lost, it will not ruin my life to lose. And every time, I finally remember they're just cardigans.
  1. Goes with many things
    Aa3953cf 9091 4fe1 88ec 3705da959072
  2. Goes with a few things
    80ebabdc 4149 43a0 b77d 91df3457aefa
  3. Goes with anything
    77fa44cc a8f7 4881 b313 767d4654dbd9
  4. Goes with things nothing else goes with
    8fe32892 aeb6 4145 a678 dc1d35272e79
  5. Goes best with white things
    6bdf4af8 6b4f 41ae aff8 997a15353bf0
  6. Only really goes with blue, but I don't care
    C895f0bd be3f 4d7d bdbc a66edfd4eac8
  7. Goes best with a stripe
    Ec52170c bc8f 402d 80a3 2c029b8b2d26
  8. Could go with more than one thing but am mostly bringing it for one thing
    2d009653 2a73 4a15 b406 19fd555008a9
  9. Goes surprisingly well with other patterns
    D19ec260 7c63 4728 8d6d d44474ae5abf
  10. Hoping I'll figure it out when I get there
    Ede2a2d7 e20f 47ea be06 c4d4765a0d8e