You read that right. Every 6 months I go to P. Springs, & every 6 months I spend a few days trying to decide what my cardigan needs are (because A/C), followed by trying to decide which will go in the carry on & which, should my checked bag be forever lost, it will not ruin my life to lose. And every time, I finally remember they're just cardigans.
  1. Goes with many things
  2. Goes with a few things
  3. Goes with anything
  4. Goes with things nothing else goes with
  5. Goes best with white things
  6. Only really goes with blue, but I don't care
  7. Goes best with a stripe
  8. Could go with more than one thing but am mostly bringing it for one thing
  9. Goes surprisingly well with other patterns
  10. Hoping I'll figure it out when I get there