I've had a few other glimpses, as a published writer. I'll wrote about those another time. But generally we walk the streets anonymously, which I like to say is highly underrated.
  1. It was the 80s.
  2. I was in my twenties.
  3. I waited tables at a (long gone) pizza restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue called American Pie.
  4. I was deep in my maybe I should be an actress career in my mind.
  5. For four years.
  6. Mostly I just dated actors instead.
  7. It was a popular little neighborhood joint, for a time.
  8. It was on the corner of 81st St, had big windows on both sides.
  9. A guy came up to me on the street one day.
  10. He said You! You're that girl! From American Pie!
  11. I noted his enthusiasm. I confirmed that I was she.
  12. (Please note - today, as I have indicated in another list, I would say "woman")
  13. He said, dreamily, I have wanted to meet you for the longest time.
  14. I could not think to say anything other than Why? which seemed to stump him. (I felt bad immediately.) I think at that point we were both like, okay then, good day.
  15. We parted ways.
  16. My best theory was that I was a very famous waitress.
  17. But I still remember it as that time I realized how weird it must be to walk around in the world and have people want to meet you based on... some idea of you vs any real thing about you.