1. Pushes back her Global Gardens Kantha quilt, slips feet into Henna Blossom slippers, placed just so on her Escalante Blooms Sumak rug.
  2. Pulls her Waxing Moon Cardigan on over her Simple Life Sleepshirt.
  3. Enters meditation room, lights three Antigua triple wick candles, this takes a few moments, some of the wicks are stuck in there, fluffs up pile of Vintage Bolivian Frazada pillows to lean against.
  4. Meditates. Mind drifts during meditation to Pacifica Barnwood Platform Bed she's been eyeing, judges self for thinking of material things during meditation/in these terrible times, tries to return to mantra.
  5. Turns on NPR, listens for five minutes, cannot absorb sadness of news, turns off NPR.
  6. Feels a chill, wraps herself in a Creekside throw.
  7. Opens restored giant farm door, picks up mail left on Hello Sunshine doormat.
  8. Smiles at new Sundance catalog, saves for later as a special treat.
  9. Sees Victoria’s Secret catalog underneath Sundance catalog. Thinks Ugh, this is so not what I’m about.
  10. Sees J Crew catalog underneath the Victoria’s Secret catalog, feels conflicted. The cover features a very enticing flannel shirt and boyfriend jean combo. Thinks, Maybe it won’t hurt just to have a quick peek.
  11. Brief thought of apologizing to Sundance Catalog here.
  12. Quick peek of J.Crew catalog leads to half a dozen dog-eared pages. Most concerning though, is that these items veer away far from her Sundance Catalog aesthetic. Contemplates possibility of having more than one aesthetic. Freaks out a little bit.
  13. Thinks, Maybe just this Italian Wool Sleeveless coat.
  14. Calls J.Crew 800 number, still flipping pages.
  15. Sees Rainbow Prism necklace, Thinks I must have this too, freaks out a little bit more, asks sales associate what he thinks about mixing Sundance and J.Crew.
  16. Sales associate is gently encouraging, Sundance Catalog Shopper is touched by this kindness but resists urge to overshare about internal catalog conflict. J.Crew sales associate mentions that he is currently wearing Sundance Just Be hoodie in Brick, with J. Crew 484 jean in Rinsed Wheat.
  17. Sundance Catalog Shopper’s mind is blown.
  18. Sundance Catalog Shopper orders J. Crew items, thanks J. Crew sales associate for his generosity of spirit, hangs up. Weeps.