1. 7:30 am. I just turned on my computer. But why?
  2. 8:45 I have finished reading an entire student packet before nine am. Unprecedented early productivity!
  3. 8:50 I will reward myself with another peek at the jeweled booties I’ve been coveting from Anthropologie; maybe tomorrow there will be a sale.
  4. 8:51 Jeweled booties are no longer available. Thankfulness level: LOW.
  5. 9:00 But, parade!
  7. Mipso? Mercyme? Who are these people? Are these people? Questlove! Yay! Oh, but Train.
  8. The Wiz! The Wiz! Aaaah can’t wait!!!
  9. Pilgrim/Native American celebration? Really? Uh, time to retire that bit of fiction. Plus those giant pilgrim heads are scary.
  10. Conversation: Me: How are these teen performers so performery? Ben/Me (same time): Must be a performance gene.
  11. Thought: Whoa, who is that giant creepy chef on that float… oh no, he’s a puppet master chef!
  12. 10:10 Completed a new scene for screenplay.
  13. 11:12 Facebook post idea: They should have an author float. I would volunteer myself for that.
  15. 12:02 Begin talking to dogs on the TV, confuse the dog that is actually in the room.
  16. 12:15 Holiday letters and envelopes are rubber-stamped and ready to be addressed.
  17. 1:00 Facebook post idea/thought: This is weirdly nice so far. This is not terrible. Vague pre-internet memories of that time Dad bought me a modem insisting I had to get on the internet and I said "Oh, who even does that, Dad."
  18. 1:30 Nap/Walking Dead episode here. Daryl cries. Google “How many times has Daryl Dixon cried?”
  19. 2:30 Activity: Mended rip in jeans. Thought: I am jammin’!
  20. 5:00 Instagram cross-posts to Facebook here of yummy Thanksgiving dinner, view of river at dusk, words of thankfulness, which has thankfully returned.
  21. 6:30 Observation that the haze over the moon/moonlight on river is lovely. Attempt to capture in a photograph unsuccessful. Thought: "Fine, I guess I’ll just… LOOK at it."
  22. 7:18 Checked back in to Anthropologie for some miracle with the boots. No such event. Call Anthropologie, they say it probably won’t come back in unless there’s a return. Make note to obsessively check website for returns.
  23. 7:30 Watched super sweet Jemaine Clement movie People Places Things with Ben. Recommended!
  24. 9:00 Thought: This was good. This will happen again, and I will live.