It's called The History of Great Things (Harper Perennial) and it comes out in April. If you are so inclined, you can pre-order it from your favorite bookstore. In return I will do a little happy dance, which I might or might not post on Facebook.
  1. " say that The History of Great Things astonished me is saying a lot. ...this is an important work, fearless in both structure and vision, with Crane’s razor-edge fusion of intelligence, humor, and emotion informing every chapter.”—Jamie Quatro (this one I edited bcz it's super long!)
  2. "I cannot remember the last time I simultaneously cried and laughed as hard as I did while reading Elizabeth Crane's glorious, tender knockout of a novel, The History of Great Things. Wait, yes I can. It was the last time I spoke to my mom about life." -Amber Tamblyn, author of Dark Sparkler