My husband says the yellow sculpture has mean feet. I thought he was talking about the Buddha, and I did not see anything mean about the elephant's feet although the trunk was partially buried in the dirt. So we basically engaged in a conversation about two different things all the way to the IMAX theater on Sunday to see Fantastic Beasts.
  1. Poseidon
    Bronze Greek God, Poseidon is the brother of Zeus. This sculpture was a gift from Greece in 1972 to the city of Sacramento. It raised a ruckus in 2000 when parents attending a homeschooling convention objected to the nudity, and the city allowed the visitors to dress the sculpture.
  2. Homie, Walking the Dogs
    By GIlbert Magu Lugan, 1940-2011. Acrylic paint over fiber /steel. 2000. This artist was born near Stockton, graduated El Monte HS in 1958 and earned an MFA in Sculpture in 1973 from the University of California at Irvine
  3. Genuine Void and Subtle Possession 1998
    By Jun Tsun-Tsun Lai, a Taiwanese artist born in 1953. It depicts a Buddha without arms resting on top of a small elephant in casting bronze, representative of the ultimate Zen stage of Nirvana. Some people think this piece of public art is too edgy.