While watching the trailer for his new movie I realised that will Ferrell almost exclusively stars in movies next to 1+ men. Is this okay? A bad thing? I dunno, so I made a list.
  1. Daddy's home
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  2. Get hard
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  3. The campaign
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  4. The other guys
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  5. Step brothers
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  6. Semi-Pro
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  7. Blades of glory
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  8. The only two exceptions!!!!!!!!!!
  9. A deadly adoption
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  10. Superstar
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  11. Hmmmmm
  12. ⁉️Unpopular opinion⁉️Ferrells movies have got worse and worse so maybe the world is moving on from all male buddy comedies where women are used as props
  13. This can only be a good thing
  14. Yay women