Disclaimer: I love Ru so much. She is the human definition of eleganzaaaaa and silky smooth caramel. Ru is one of maybe 3 people that I would cry if I met ❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯❤️❤️
  1. Episode 11
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    Ru babe. Babe, Ru! No honey
  2. Episode 10
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    This looks like the most fantastic Christmas present of all time but it's still a Christmas present
  3. Episode 13/ the Finale!!!!
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    This look is alright but everything Ru touches turns to gold so I can forgive!!!!!
  4. Episode 3
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    You can do better than this weird hood, Ru! Still get points for looking like a glamorous, elegant candle stick
  5. Episode 5
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    I need Ru's confidence so that I can wear such fabulous outfits which look like big fans (sorrrry)
  6. Episode 9
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    Again Ru channels my favourite 70s diva but I'm finding it hard to get on board with the colours of the dress
  7. Episode 6
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    Ru is the living definition of an EGOT
  8. Episode 4
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    Very nice, boring and predictable but nonetheless she is obviously a beautiful queen and this fabulous
  9. Episode 8
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    Obsessed with this colour on Ru even if the proportions are kinda off. Also I love the 70s diva vibes that Ru can encapsulate better than anyone else
  10. Episode 1
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    Flamenco goddess
  11. Episode 7
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    Serving old Hollywood realness and I'm living for it
  12. Episode 2
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    I gasped when she came out in this. I have no idea what it is about the look maybe it's the golden locks or the disco era dress. I just fuckin love this damn look and Ru caramel goodness skin, fuck he glows