I watched HSM 2 last night and it was weird and bad AF.....
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    Troy gets into Berkley, which he chose to be closer to Gabriella but within the first three weeks he meets an artistic, mysterious stoner. Bless Troy's romantic heart.... he falls for her. He breaks up with Gabriella after the first term (as it usually goes). He becomes super indie, moves to NY and sets up a successful coffee shop where low key musicians perform.
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    Gabriella tries to be the same gal that she back with the Wildcats but her baby charms don't rub off on the guys she hangs out with at college. After Troy breaks up with her, she focuses on work and rules the academic world. She is still boring af and alas ends up working in some lab somewhere. One day we will here that she was one of the "lucky" ones who go and live in Mars for the rest of their lives. Classic Gabriella..........
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    Her life eerily matches Rachel Berry's story line. Broadway star - failed pilot - drama teacher. She stays fabulous πŸ’
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    YAAAAS RYAN YAAAAAS. Ryan is live at Juilliard and dabbles in the drag world. Wins Ru Pauls Drag Race and lives a lavish and fun filled life worthy of the queen he is. πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ
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    Chad and Taylor
    They have the blessing of being normal and mediocre the rest of their lives and they love it. Shout out to the best couple at East High!!!!