5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

I'm new on this puppy, so random question generator, sure, I'll bite. Here we go:
  1. This is a photo my aunt posted on Facebook, it's of my mom, my cousin Sergio, and we all think that's me in the middle, but it could also be another of my cousins, and nobody quite knows for sure. Glad I was so memorable, mom.
  2. This is a photo of my now husband, then boyfriend, me, and our then-newly adopted pup Jeb. He's now 9, and here's another helpful hint this was taken in the Stone Age: my husband is wearing madras shorts. Oh, the humanity.
  3. Here is a selfie I took in the bathroom of a wedding I attended in April. Because vanity.
  4. Here's a photo of me with my very small nephew after he was born. You can tell I have absolutely no idea how to deal with children by the fact that my nephew may as well be a pancake someone dropped on the linoleum for all I'm holding him
  5. This is a picture of my husband now, just to prove he doesn't still wear madras shorts. This was taken on our balcony when we stayed in Barcelona for Christmas last year, which was pretty dope and I highly recommend never spending the holidays with your family and instead flying somewhere freaking awesome and warmer than Chicago for your vacation.