I'm casually dating a new guy and so far I like him a lot, but we are still in the exciting, angsty, getting acquainted phase. It's the best and worst part of dating, especially for a hopeless romantic/control freak. Making a list of what I do know helps me take control over the anxiety of the unknown and helps me cope with the uncontrollable.
  1. He takes time to text me every day or so, even if it's just 1-2 texts to sort of check in. Without him saying so, it lets me know I am on his mind from time to time.
  2. I appreciate he wants to tell me about what he is doing/working on, and shares bits and pieces of his day to day that way.
  3. He is considerate and concerned.
  4. He is sweet and has a boyish enthusiasm that is completely charming.
  5. He is generous and attentive.
  6. He is an engaging conversationalist. He likes to talk, and I like to listen.
  7. I enjoy his company. He carries an air of energy around him.
  8. He is very, very smart. There are things to learn from him.
  9. He loves his family and speaks very favorably about them.
  10. He has a lot of friends.
  11. He is really cute, and has a face that completely changes depending on his mood. Each face is equally attractive.
  12. He has a very stressful job.
  13. When he is completely relaxed and content, the corners of his mouth turn up, ever so slightly. It melts me.
  14. He does what he says he will do. This is a hugely important quality!
  15. He travels a LOT for work and for pleasure. A LOT LOT!
  16. Sometimes he is the life of the party, other times he is more quiet and reflective.
  17. He likes my chocolate chip cookies.
  18. He hates garlic and sour kraut, likes sushi, sweet potato fries, fancy mustard, and Coors light.
  19. He has insecurities about his body, just like me.
  20. He likes variety and keeps very busy.
  21. He is very active, but is not too crazy a health nut.
  22. He likes fishing and camping, often does so alone.
  23. He smiles from the heart when he tells me stories about his family and friends.
  24. He is open.
  25. He has a kind heart.
  26. He tries to impress me.
  27. He thinks I'm beautiful.
  28. My smile is the first thing he noticed about me and he told me he was glad to see me smiling at/for him. This is huge, because I usually just get compliments on my eyes. While I am humbly very grateful for any compliment someone offers, he has set himself apart.
  29. His favorite thing about me is that I am nice to him.
  30. He is great to snuggle up to. His shoulder makes a great pillow.
  31. He is not concerned with what society thinks.
  32. He is quirky and interesting.
  33. Whether we ever seriously date or not, I feel like I have a friend, and that makes my heart happy.
  34. He helps me see it's ok to step outside the comfort zone.