For cooler days, on casual cruises.
  1. Ski jacket/puffy jacket with hood
  2. Snug under-layer
    For hanging out below deck. Something that breathes but also allows you to drink and be comfortable.
  3. Puffy vest (optional)
    For the purpose of going up deck to get fresh air or "check on something"
  4. Thermal tights (optional)
    If it gets extra nippy
  5. Jeans or cargo pants that are easy to move in
    Technically "cotton kills" and one should get some proper gear but if it's a casual cruise jeans are fine
  6. Shoes with grip (light/rubber tread)
  7. Gloves (optional)
  8. Warm dry socks
  9. Scarf (optional)
  10. A warm hat
    Why not?