My old scribbles, part I

From when I was little up to the my freshman year of college, I drawing was one of my favorite pastimes. Unfortunately, I don't draw as much as I used to, but I like to look back at my old pictures every once in a while. Here is the beginning of hopefully a series with my old drawings and their stories.
  1. This drawing is one of my weekly sketches that I completed when I was planning on being an art major my freshman year. One of my favorite things to draw is the left eye on someone's face (don't ask why), and this is one of my favorites.
  2. I was given this project when I was going through a rough patch during the summer before college. One of my best friends was leaving for two years and I had recently been in a car accident that was difficult for me emotionally. I was asked to do this couple drawing the night that I said goodbye to my best friend, and it was a great distraction.
  3. This drawing was part of the themed portion of my AP art portfolio in high school. The theme I chose was Shakespeare plays, and this was for A Midsummer Nights' Dream. Whenever I show this picture to a family member, they almost always respond with an "oh my!".
  4. This drawing was done about a month ago, and I am still unsure of my feelings towards it. The drawing that I based it off of was very light and happy, and I somehow turned it into something else. At least the background looks like bacon strips, right??
  5. Well, that's as much as I'm willing to share today. If you guys would like for me to continue to do this please let me know in the comment section.