1. The end of the semester!
    It couldn't come any sooner.
  2. I can be social again!
    I haven't had the time to be, and after 10am on December 16 I can be.
  3. Seeing all of my family!
    Because some of my relatives live outside of the state and I'm so busy school, I don't get to see my family that often. I can't wait to get some quality time with them!
  4. The five sum will be back together!
    I haven't spent a Holiday season with my four closest friends since 2013, and on December 22nd the last of my friends to return home from their mission will be here!!
  5. Christmas!
  6. New Years' Eve
    I love New Years' Eve because I've always spent it with my favorite people, whether it be friends or family. This year I'll be celebrating with my friends and I can't wait!
  7. Vlogmas!!
    Starting tomorrow!!