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Things seen, and once seen they can't be unseen, while on a road trip.
  1. Day 1: A man peeing in the bushes near a busy intersection.
  2. Day 2: Another man peeing in the bushes near a busy intersection after leaving his van, hazard lights aflashin', at the light of aforementioned busy intersection.
  3. Day 3: A very happy (under the influence of more than just life) woman wearing a sports bra as a jaunty little hat/hair bow. Ingenious I say!
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When Gramps or Grams imparts wisdom you best take a seat...
  1. Wash as far up as possible, as far down as possible and then, wash possible.
    True words to suds your business to and also a little shudder worthy
  2. Well, that was enough to knock your dick up into your watch pocket.
    As a 5 year old girl I had no idea what either were
  3. If it were up your ass you'd know where it was.
    And, I wouldn't want it back
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They seemed photo worthy at the time...
  1. A wall of shellacked fish for your viewing pleasure
  2. A little light reading
  3. Because riding a bike is tough
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