Things to focus on in 2017! No pressure!!
  1. 1. Stick with French
    Keep on learning French because I love it a little too much!
  2. 2. Keep on saying 'yes' to new things
    I did this a lot in 2016 and experienced things I never even dreamed about. Good and bad. Both is good for your self growth in the end. So keep on saying YES!!
  3. 3. Learn
    Overall just learn. Whether it's in school or anything handy or anything!! Just learn new things.
  4. 4. Read more
    This one I had set for 2016 as well and it didn't end very succesfully. Nevertheless keeping it for 2017 as well because I love reading!
  5. 5. TRAVEL
    You already know you're gonna travel quite a blt this year. But let's say 3 new countries would be a nice goal!
  6. 6. Connect
    With new people, old people - just connect. I avoid this so much but this is where I wanna kick myself out of my comfort zone and just meet new people and build a connection with them and build stronger connection with people that I was already blessed with to have in life.
  7. 7. Be kinder
    That's always a good and important one :)
  8. 8. Live more of a minimalistic life
    You already know you're obsessed with concept.