It's Friday night and here's your roster:
  1. The friend who's "sooo tired"
    It's a lie, she wants to watch tv. Try getting her drunk.
  2. The friend who brings her guy friend
    Is she seeing him or is he available?
  3. The friend who brings her gay friend
    Don't plan on being included
  4. The independent friend
    The one dancing the most, getting hit on the most and doesn't need anyone to hold her hand. This friend is the worst.
  5. The fight starter
    Mean muggin since the uber over here
  6. The friend who "checks in"
    Avoid her. She's going to complain about how annoying being in love is. Avoid avoid avoid.
  7. Your main one
    Second in command, ready to lead should you meet someone sexy. VIP, keep her happy.