Requested by Lucy

Best CBBC Shows of Yesteryear

There are so many and I have no particular order
  1. Tracy Beaker
    Elaine the Pain, Mike, Justine, Lol, Cam, etc names we shall never forget. As well the iconic milkshake and a theme tune that was in the same cd as Bob the builder. Classic
  2. The Misti show
    A fairy just trying to make it in a human world
  3. 50/50
    Angelica Bell
  4. Get your own back
    Dave Benson Phillips
  5. Arthur
    Undisputed classic, very heart warming
  6. The Queen's Nose
    Adventures of Melody and a 50p coin
  7. The Ghost Hunter
  8. The Worst Witch
    Now felicity Jones is famous
  9. Bernard's watch
  10. Raven
    The original Game of Thrones/ Hunger Games
  11. Feather bou
    Lest we forget
  12. And soooo many more